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Standardization of Sources (Standard Makes)


“Under the Limited Tender mode of procurement, list of Items and their Standard makes as of 1.07.2014 is formulated by Mahagenco and as per its new procurement policy, procurement of these items will be made directly from the shortlisted manufacturers only.

Mahagenco has finalized this list of Manufacturers for certain items of stores / equipments by following a process of short listing, based on criteria such as financial standing, past experience, quality etc.

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  1. Boiler Spares (210MW) 05.01.2019
  2. Turbine Spares-210MW Units_08.01.2019
  3. Economiser Coils of 210MW 05.01.2019
  4. Superheater_Reheater_and_LTSH_250500MW_05_01_2019
  5. Economiser_Coils-250MW and 500MW 05_01_2019
  6. Superheater, Reheater and LTSH (210MW) 05.01.2019
  7. APH Baskets (500MW) 15.03.2018
  8. BFP Cartridges_24.04.2018
  9. APH Gear Boxes (210MW)
  10. ESP SPARES (500MW) 16.02.2018
  11. BBD Coal Mill 4772_12.04.2018
  12. Special purpose welding Electrodes 27.12.2018
  13. HT Motors_25.04.2018
  14. LT Motors_11.10.2017
  15. Group_A_Bearing_15.12.2018
  16. Group-B Bearing_19.12.2018
  17. Group_C_Bearing_15.12.2018
  18. Group_D_Bearing_15.12.2018
  19. Group_E_Bearing_15.12.2018
  20. Group_F_Bearing_15.12.2018
  21. Elmo Pump Spares
  22. Mechanical face seal assembly and spares (spring loaded)
  23. Coal mill external oil filtration system and spares
  24. Journal shaft with split sleeve and spares
  25. Vertical Shaft with Split Sleeve and Spares_12.04.2018
  26. Oil Gun Assembly and Spares 15 03 2018
  27. Spares of Ash Slurry Pumps (SAM Make)_28.12.2018
  28. Spares of Ash Slurry Pumps (Warman make)_28.12.2018
  29. Spares of Ash Slurry Pumps (Indure Make)_22.05.2017
  30. Complete Journal Assemblies of XRP-1043 Coal Mill for 500 MW_25.04.2018
  31. Turbine Spares-250MW & 500MW_24.08.2018
  32. 60KG Rail Track_01.12.2017
  33. Boiler_Spares_250MW 500MW_05_01_2019
  34. Ceramic_Lined_Pipes_Bends_and_Elbows_250MW500MW_15_03_2018
  35. Safety_Valves_&_Isolating_Valves_And_Spares_ 14_01_2019
  36. Cast_Basalt_Lined_Pipes_and_Bends_11.12.2018


This list would be subject to updation on continuous basis. Any manufacturer is welcome to submit request for addition or deletion of the manufacturers make in this standard list along with supporting documents to-


The Office of Chief Engineer (Stores),

MSPGCL, Prakashgad,

2nd Floor, Bandra (East),

 Mumbai – 400 051.

Phone No. 022-26474211 / 26472131, Extn. 2227.

Fax No. 26582627,

Email- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All necessary assistance will be extended to Manufacturers in the process of registration.”