Important News :
Corrigendum to NIT for procurement of 2.0 Million MT of non-coking (steam) coal of foreign origin for Koradi (U # 8, 9 & 10) (3 x 660 MW),

Already we are using this format and it is very much easy to participate in Tenders in SeTS                                                           -- M/s Nagman Instruments & Electronics Pvt Ltd


1. Search options enhanced          2. Better viewing                             3. Multiple quote option is good                                                            --M/s Indo Machinery Tools Corp.


It is easy to purchase as well as fill tenders which also saves a lot of time and the travel activity was saved                                                                                             -- M/s Mahavir Chemical Industries


Automatic approval of item codes is a very good option and saves a lot of time                                                                                                       -- M/s Hi-Tech Machinery